My Upholstery Shop was made for the beginner, with easy to use editors. The program was designed to enter data once, and it is available throughout the entire program. My Upholstery Shop comes with a built-in bill reminder notice, to help you stay on top of your important obligations. You can order your supplies directly from within the program via email or web. With the employees editor, you can add or import notes on employees, track timekeeping, and payroll data. You can track your business miles on all your vehicles with the vehicle mileage editor.
Change the look of the program with over
100 different theme combinations like "Winter Joy" as seen in the slide show. Create appointments for clients with reminders and print a appointment list for the day's appointments. Create estimates, and orders. You can also turn an estimate into an order with one click. View sales and tax data by month, quarter, between dates, or by year. Employee payroll options like hourly, piece work, or percentage based wages.
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Is a custom designed software program made especially for the upholstery trade. You have custom tools for the trade, like industrial sewing machines, button machines, webbing stretchers, etc. now you can add a custom tool to your office. You can add your clients, inventory, vendors, employees, all with images. Use the expense program to track your monthly expenses, and view a profit and loss statement on the fly.

You can track individual sales in departments like
Aircraft, Automotive, Commercial, Furniture, Marine, and Motorcycle. Don’t waste time trying to create formulas and reports to track business data, My Upholstery Shop has ready built, professionally made estimates, invoices, and financial reports that do all that for you. You can also customize the report band and text colors to suit your personality.

Upholstery Shop Management Solution