You can also create new documents from scratch. DbDocuments let's you Insert images, borders, tables, columns, symbols, bookmarks, and hyperlinks.

You can highlight text, change fonts, font sizes, and spell check your documents. You can also save a document as pdf format. Preview your documents, or send them straight to the printer. A split document feature allows you to compare your document side by side for editing. Page, word, sentence, and character counting features are displayed in the status bar for you. No annual fees, buy your copy today.
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Instead of having your documents all over your computer, in folders you forgot about. keep your documents safe in one place. Alternative concept in document storage, editing, and viewing. Popular document formats supported like doc, docx, rtf, txt, and many others. Your documents are stored in a data file, which keeps them safe from theft and virus attacks. Once you import a copy of your documents, you can access those documents from within the program. The ‘Import File Wizard' helps gather all your documents for you.