In this example, I will use My Upholstery Shop as an example.
1. To begin, click the image of the product to start the download process.
My Upholstery Shop
2. Click the Save as button to save the download to your local downloads folder on your computer in case you need it later.
3. You may be greeted with this message.

Click the 3 dots to open the options drop-down.
4. In the options drop-down select “Keep
6. Once you click the down arrow, Click “Keep anyway” to allow the downloaded file to be accepted on your system.

You may have to wait a few seconds for the downloaded file to say

Open File”. Once this is complete, you can click the link to open the setup program.
Back to the downloads page
5. You will be greeted with this message.

Click the Show More down arrow to display the “Keep Anyway” link
7. To open the download, click “Open File” on the link or go to your downloads folder and launch the program from there.

I got this, back to the downloads Page...

Microsoft Edge Download Instructions