Dunham Software | Google Chrome Download Instructions

Dunham Software | Google Chrome Download Instructions
In this example, I will use DbDocuments
1. To begin, click the image of the product on the downloads page, to start the download process.
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2. Look in the upper right corner of the Chrome Browser to see the download status. Wait until it says DbDocSetup.exe

Double Click on the title to open and run the software
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DbDocuments Setup
4. Click the Run anyway button to complete the download.

By default, the download file DbDocSetup.exe (will be located in your downloads folder)
DbDocuments Run
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5. Once the download completes you should be greeted with the installation setup dialog.

You may be prompted to install the Desktop Runtime Files required to use the software. Please install the runtime files as part of the installation.
DbDocuments Setup Dialog
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Back to the downloads page
I got this, back to the downloads Page...

Google Chrome Download Instructions