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Need a Document Editor?
Powerful document and storage editor with all the bells and whistles. You can safely store your documents in one place. Create, edit, and view various documents formats like *.doc, *.docx, *.txt, *.rtf, *.html, *.htm, *.csv, and many other document formats. You can add your documents one at a time, or use the  Import file wizard to help you locate and automatically add all your documents.

Microsoft is retiring ®Word Pad, in future windows releases.
DbDocuments has more features, and is a great alternative to word pad. DbDocuments will allow you to continue to read, edit, view, and manage rich text documents.

DbDocuments has a built-in
PDF document converter that automatically converts, and lets you save your document to *.PDF format. Download your copy today.

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Need Upholstery Shop Management Software?
Finally a software program made just for you. My Upholstery Shop was custom designed especially for the upholstery trade, and will help you manage your upholstery shop. Create appointments, estimates, and orders. Track all your vehicles mileage for tax time. A built in bill reminder notice helps you stay on top of your obligations. Ready built estimates, invoices, and financial reports. Order your materials and supplies from within the program. A transfer records wizard allows you to import individual records from your saved backup data.

appointment list, shows you the day's appointments. Employee hourly, piece work, or percentage based pay. Profit and loss statement, NEW year to date statement gives you financial data on the fly. Interactive inspection reports you can use for pre or post inspected items. Vehicle inspection report made specifically for the automotive upholstery sector. New email clients, employees, or vendors dialog. Includes a full featured help file to help you use the program.
Download your copy today,

"you will spend more time doing the work instead of the paper work".

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Your document storage solution
Upholstery shop management solution


"Your Document Storage Solution"

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My Upholstery Shop

"Upholstery Shop Management Solution"
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